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The "documents" paragraph allows to easily create document repositories.

You may select files or entire folders/directories from the current wiki, from your own documents or from any virtual classroom you're a member of. A single documents paragraph may display one or more folders. You may also add any other files that are located either on this or on any other server.

Images will be displayed as thumbnails, clicking on them will open a larger version - in this case the documents paragraph behaves just like an image gallery.

Technical note: as you may have noted the "image gallery" and "documents" paragraphs are absolutely identical, they both allow to create image galleries, document repositories or even mixes of them.

Mixing up images and documents

The "image gallery" and "documents" paragraphs not only allow to create galleries or document repositories, but also mixes of them. You may add media folders containing both images and documents, or add multiple folders containing different kinds of files.

The paragraph will display all files, no matter if it's and image or a document. Images will turn into a gallery and documents will be downloadable. Check out the example below:

Kapitel 4.1.4
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