Design & styles

You can change the style and colours of each paragraph (no matter what kind of paragraph you're using).

On this page we'll show you some examples of what's possible.

Note that no coding is required!

Text styles using the WYSIWYG editor

The WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) allows to change font styles within your text paragraph. It is very easy to use, it supports bold as well as italic text, strikethrough, subscript and superscript, coloured text as well as marked text.

Note that these features are only available within the standard text paragraph.

Title, text, background and border colour

You may change colours and add borders to each paragraph (no matter what type of paragraph you're working with).

There are predefined colour palettes that allow to create nice looking paragraphs and help to maintain a certain look and feel throughout your entire wiki project.

Borders can be solid (like this on, dotted or dashed) and you may also change the border size.

More features...

You may add an image, a video or an audio file to each paragraph and format it as you like.

There are plenty of options to change the look and style of each paragraph, and we can't show them all here. 

You may add media files and links to each paragraph, format them and change their colours.

The easiest way is to try out some of the features for yourself!

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