Images, audio & video

There are no special paragraphs for images, videos or audio files as you may add those to any paragraph type. The most likely place add media files to is the simple text paragraph.

On the other hand there are some special paragraph types to present media in a different way, such as the screen, gallery or list paragraph for example.

Note that you will find audio, image and video in the selection menu when adding a new paragraph - those will simply generate a standard text paragraph with some additional information about how to add or treat media files.

Example: image

We've already shown that it's very easy to add an image to your paragraph, so this is just another paragraph displaying an image on the right.

Example: video

It's easy to embed Youtube or Vimeo videos in your Wiki!

You can easily add a video by copy-pasting a Youtube or Vimeo URL instead of an image.

Note that you can use the same text and formatting features that also apply to images. Of course it's also possible to change the size of the video to whatever you like, and you may display the video on the left, on the right, at the top or at the bottom of your paragraph.

Example: audio

You may also add an audio file in MP3 format instead of an image or a video file.

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