Text & media

Text paragraphs usually make up the biggest part of a wiki project.

The text paragraph is much more than just a text box - it also allows to add a title, images, audio and video files, links and documents.

The text you're reading right now is a text paragraph without a title or any other features.

Adding an image

This is a text paragraph with an image in the upper right corner. You may also place your image on the left, on top or on the bottom of your text. Images can be in JPEG, PNG or GIF format and they can be scaled down to any size.

Each wiki features it's own media folder where images and other files can be stored. You may upload, rename, move, protect or delete files.

You may easily select and add files from different sources:

a. from the media folder of the current wiki

b. from your own media manager folder (your personal files)

c. from one of the virtual classrooms you're a member of

d. from any other source on the web by entering or copy-pasting an URL (direct path to the image)

Adding an image description

You may add a text description to your image and put a border around it for example.

In this example the image has been placed on the left and we've added a description and a border. Note that we could also replace the image by a video or an audio file for example.

You cannot only add a border and modify the border style, you can also change media box colours and text styles for example. Of course it's also possible to create links within the description text by using square brackets.

Image descriptions also offer multi-language support, just like the paragraph text.

You can only add one media file to each paragraph - to add more images you either have to use several paragraphs, or you may add a gallery paragraph for example. Another option would be to use a page layout.

Adding links / resources

You may add links (the so-called resources) to each paragraph of your page, which will always be displayed at the bottom of the respective paragraph. Note that you can also change the style and colours of your resources, and you may also add a background colour and a border (the resources sections offers the same options than the image/media section). Here is an example of two simple links, without any style changes:

Styles and colours

There are tons of style and colour options you can apply to each text paragraph (and to other paragraph types as well), you may want to check out the design & styles page to see some examples of what's possible.

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