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Each page consists of at least one paragraph (which also means that you cannot delete the last paragraph on a page).

Note that some wiki types (the so-called screen types) do not allow to add or delete paragraphs on a page.

Adding a paragraph

Adding a paragraph is very easy. Once you're in editing mode you'll see a green line between each paragraph. Click on the green line and you'll get a menu that allows to select a paragraph type (text is default). Press the "add" button and your new paragraph will be added.

Editing a paragraph

Click on the pencil to edit a paragraph. Text paragraphs will open in inline editing mode, which means that you can write directly onto the page that's currently open. Don't forget to press the save button to take over your changes!

All other paragraph types will open the full editor when you click on the pencil.

When editing a text you can access the full editor by pressing the "layout, imagem access rights & more..." button.

The full editor allows to change all settings of your paragraph, and it also offers access to backups.

Moving a paragraph

Use the up/down arrows on the left of the paragraph to move it up or down (or to the top or bottom of your page).

You may also move a paragraph to a different page: open the full editor (not the text inline editor), there you'll see a menu in the upper right corner that allows to select a new page for your current paragraph.

Deleting a paragraph

Click on the red cross to delete a paragraph. Note that you cannot delete the last remaining paragraph on a page.

Deleted paragraphs will be moved to a page named "trash". This page is invisible to site visitors, but you may access it via the "pages" tab. This also means that deleted content will not be lost, and you will be able to restore deleted paragraphs later on.

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