There are three basic wiki types: the "normal" ones, the screen based ones and school or classroom websites.

Standard wiki structure

The standard wiki project consists of pages that you can add, edit or delete.

Each page can contain one or more paragraph that you can add, edit, order or delete.

There are many different kinds of paragraphs that allow you to create rich content. You may want to check out the list of different paragraph types to learn more.

A very special variation of the standard wiki is the so called "web book" that makes wiki pages look like a physical book.

Screen based wikis

Screen based wikis also consist of pages, but there is only a single screen element on each page.

The screen element (which is also available in standard wikis) is a very powerful image building tool that allows to create editable images ranging from screenshots to online comics.

School and classroom websites

You may also create entire websites for your school or for your class.

The dedicated school website wiki type offers some additional features:

1. You can use your own design and layout (so it will be a real homepage for your school or class).

2. You can use one of our subdomains or even connect your own domain.

3. You can place customizable sidebars on the left and / or the right of each page.

4. You can use so-called "widgets" on your pages to add further static or dynamic content.

You may want to take a look at the school website info page to learn more about this wiki type.

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