What's a web book?

A web book is a wiki that looks like a book and that can be read like a book. This means that you always have two pages on each screen, and that you can browse the book page by page.

Learning how to create a web book is very easy - it uses the same editor than all other wiki types in fact. This also means that you will be able to use all features you'll find in other wiki types.

The only elements that cannot be used in a web book wiki are the "app" and "screen" type paragraphs, as they're way too large to fit into the book.

Text styles

Text styles can be altered using the WYSIWYG editor, which means that it's very easy to create bold or italic text, to change colours or to mark text for example.



Adding images, links and files

You may also write some text right under the image, and format it!

As mentioned before you're using the standard wiki editor to make changes to your web book, which means that you can easily add images, videos, audio files, links and documents to your pages.


You can either use the standard editor to add tables to your pages, or you may use the dedicated table paragraph type as shown below:

Yearnov 2009nov 2010nov 2011nov 2012
Morzino:ideaprototypingbeta releasebeta 2
4-5 / 8