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It depends on the app you're willing to use. Most online training apps don't require that you're logged in. Other apps can only be used if you're logged in, for example those that are used to create online content.
We would like to create a site where everyone can share knowledge and where everyone can learn and teach. It's required to create connections in order to accomplish this vision. But we do not indend to become some kind of a Facebook clone.
No, you cannot, but your parents will be able to create an account for you using the Family Management tools.
All communication on this site is being monitored by our site robots - this is a pure software solution, no administrator is reading all messages. Any suspicious communication is being reviewed manually. Please check out our child protection page for further information.
Yes, this is part of the Family Management tools.

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Du kanns eis per e-mail kontaktéieren wanns de seriö Problemer mat hues oder wanns de technesch Problemer mam Website hues.
Kontaktéier eis w.e.g net bei einfache Froen, wanns de net virdrun op der Support Säit gekuckt hues:
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