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  • A Screwdriver is a tool, manual or powered, used for driving screws.
  • This form of the Screwdriver has been replaced in many workplaces and homes with a more modern and versatile tool, a power drill, as they are quicker, easier, and also can drill holes.
  • These often have a hollow handle that contains various types and sizes of tips, and a reversible ratchet action that allows multiple full turns without repositioning the tip or the user's hand.
  • A wide variety of power Screwdrivers ranges from a simple 'stick'-type with batteries, a motor, and a tip holder all inline, to powerful"pistol" type VSR cordless drills that also function as screwdrivers.
  • Variations include impact drivers, which provide two types of 'hammering' force for improved performance in certain situations, and"right-angle" drivers for use in tight spaces.


the screwdriver