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  • A Window is an opening in a wall, door, roof, or vehicle that allows the passage of light and may also allow the passage of sound and sometimes air.
  • Modern Windows are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material, a sash set in a frame in the opening; the sash and frame are also referred to as a window.
  • Windows may have a latch or similar mechanism to lock the Window shut or to hold it open by various amounts.
  • The Romans were the first known to use glass for Windows, a technology likely first produced in Roman Egypt, in Alexandria ca.
  • Paper Windows were economical and widely used in ancient China, Korea, and Japan.
  • In England, glass became common in the Windows of ordinary homes only in the early 17th century whereas Windows made up of panes of flattened animal horn were used as early as the 14th century.
  • Modern-style floor-to-ceiling Windows became possible only after the industrial plate glass making processes were fully perfected.


the window
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